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Kailash has worked in higher education as a scholar-teacher of communication for many years (as Dr. Kurt A. Bruder; Ph.D, The University of Texas at Austin, Communication, 1994; M.Ed, Texas Tech University, Counselor Education, 1998). For information on his professional activities, please click here.

In his scholarly work, Kailash has investigated a variety of topics dealing with the subject of the human sense of self, one's response to the question, "Who am I?" This issue has always been a central concern across the world's Wisdom Traditions, which recognize that the concept of our separation from one another, and all things, fuels our suffering. Finding a practical solution to human egotism is the perennial preoccupation of spiritual communities throughout history.


Throughout his career, Kailash has explored the communication, beliefs, practices, and experiences of people in a wide variety of religious traditions. He integrates these insights into his personal life, spiritual path, musical performance, and ongoing research, in the hope of offering useful means of moving beyond our obsessive self-concern into a stable, integrated condition of happiness and well being.

To this end, Kailash serves as an Intrapersonal Communication Consultant, offering guidance and media in support of the mindful management of one’s "self-talk,” with a view toward optimizing the quality of one’s thoughts, feelings, values, and relations through arranging habitually to think about, passionately embrace, and ultimately identify with the Highest Ideals one can imagine.

Kailash's family includes his wife, Jaishree, and sons, Tristan, Bodhi, and Maitreya.

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