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Hay House Radio Interview: 1.  Kailash’s scholarly background

Hay House Radio Interview: 2. The Guru

Hay House Radio Interview: 3.  Generic benefits of mantra-work

Hay House Radio Interview: 4.  Additional benefits of mantra-work

Hay House Radio Interview: 5.  Worship the Deity you’re most drawn to

Vibrational Voyage Interview: 1.  How Kailash statred chanting

Vibrational Voyage Interview: 2.  Meeting the Guru

Vibrational Voyage Interview: 3.  How Kailash came to teach devotional chanting

Vibrational Voyage Interview: 4.  Sanskrit language

Vibrational Voyage Interview: 5.  The devotional path

Vibrational Voyage Interview: 6.  Live performance of Saman Mantra

Vibrational Voyage Interview: 7.  Interpreting the Saman Mantra

Vibrational Voyage Interview: 8.  Our Essential Nature: Radiant Care and Awareness

Vibrational Voyage Interview: 9.  Cultural cross-pollination

Vibrational Voyage Interview: 10.  Real God is Love


Press Kit


This Press Kit contains a press release regarding Kailash's book/CD, Following Sound into Silence, a page featuring Customer Feedback about this unique book/CD, another page featuring praise for Kailash's earlier CDs, a one-page Bio, a two-page Curriculum Vita, and two photos of Kailash.


Kailash in the Media

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New Age Retailer Magazine: Following Sound into Silence is Best of Show

Spirituality & Practice--Resources for Spiritual Journeys: Review of Following Sound into Silence of Following Sound into Silence

DreamWeaver Magazine: Following Sound into Silence excerpt (Chapter One)

Creations Magazine: Following Sound into Silence excerpt (Introduction) 

Press Release RE: "Best of Show" honors at INATS

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