Dr. Kurt ‘Kailash’ Bruder has released Longing, a new album of mantra music that captures the vibrant, transformative condition of longing. “Longing is one of my favorite words,” Kailash says. “It’s what we do when we desperately want something, but can’t have it...yet.” In devotional chanting, we cry out for our Beloved from a sense of separation; like Radhe toward Krishna, Hanuman toward Ram—or you toward your Highest Ideal. Longing energizes our expression of devotion, and this Love is itself the experience of the Divine.

This collection features uncommon musical and spiritual depth. Tasteful melodies and spare arrangements entice the listener with a beautiful simplicity that delights while encouraging steadfast practice.
 Since the publication of Following Sound into Silence: Chanting Your Way Beyond Ego into Bliss, Kailash has continued his exploration of voice as a tool for managing one’s own thoughts, feelings and personal development. Living, working, and traveling throughout Asia, Kailash encountered still more forms of devotion, and recognized a profound kinship among all of these practices. This affinity is celebrated in the variety of spiritual, cultural, and musical traditions offered on the album: Shaivite and Vaishnavite Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Muslim. “There’s a lot going on here, and yet it’s somehow all the same. The same longing.”




Testimonials for Longing

“Kailash’s aptly titled new album, Longing, is a heartfelt call to God through mantra, song and prayer.”
Jai Uttal, noted kirtan leader

“I love listening to the mantra chants on Longing and long to enter into that vibration myself—by chanting along, by the silent inner mind-heart chant, and ultimately by tuning into the underlying sacred note of the cosmos which this work so delightfully echoes.”
~ Lama Surya Das, bestselling author of Buddha Standard Time: Awakening to the Infinite Possibilities of Now


"Each track in Kailash’s collection of mantra-music and spiritual songs, Longing, is musically engaging and memorable, evoking the rich chanting tradition from which it springs, but without unnecessary ornamentation. Catchy grooves fuel the pulse upon which Kailash’s layered vocals ride, inviting the listener to come along. Presented in this way, the mantras and other lyrics become 'sticky,' echoing in the mind and refreshing the heart. Kailash grasps the potency of these syllables, and sings them with the reverence and passion they deserve. Longing is strong medicine that tastes good, too.”
Baba Rampuri, author of Autobiography of a Sadhu: A Journey into Mystic India

“Kailash’s Longing is a deep and rich recording that interprets time honored Sanskrit mantras with deep respect for their ancient lineage while communicating the power and vibrations of the chants with an original and fresh approach. Longing pleases the ears, heals the mind, and fills the heart!”

~ David Newman, noted kirtan leader

"In his album, Longing, Kailash takes you on a journey into chanting as a means to quiet the mind and immerse the listener into deeper devotion. His sacred chants and use of the mantras demonstrate his expanded awareness and beautiful enthusiasm for the devotional path of bhakti. Filled with acoustic tapestries which feel both Indian and Middle Eastern, this album offers tasty acoustic grooves that beautifully support his many-layered style of vocals and are sure to draw the listener deeper into the heart. (“Jaya Sita Ram” had me listening on a continual replay throughout my afternoon!)
Kailash’s live performance experience and attention to accessible chanting styles will make this an appealing album that transcends differences in ages, backgrounds, and faiths. Unlike the multitude of over-produced albums with lyrical complexities, Kailash has consistently demonstrated an ability to instill an ease and comfort into his music, to draw his fans effortlessly into that place of sacred devotion.

The brief interpretations of the chants in his liner notes will enable the novice listener to understand and better immerse themselves into the vibrations of these songs. Kailash’s heartfelt energies are clear in this album, which is both acoustically tasty and hypnotic in its delivery. With fans all around the world, Kailash is sure to bring sweet joy to many with this new release!”
~ Ragani Buegel, noted kirtan leader


"The chants and refrains of Longing have been my morning mantras since Kailash first shared them with me. So much of what is natural, divine and organic in our world is often paved over, passed over or glossed over, making the needs for reflection, meditation and sacred remembrance even more important in our lives as we seek contentment. The hymns of Longing reflect not only a spirit of hope for people of faith, but they also serve as a means of actively bringing balance to our lives. These recorded songs may be enjoyed tremendously when simply listened to, but they become powerful, alive and inspire personal change when one sings along with them."
Dawud Wharnsby, sacred music singer/songwriter

"This music obviously arises from the heart of a devotee. If you enjoy Bhagavan Das and Krishna Das, you will love this, too!”
~ Deva Premal, noted kirtan leader

"Kailash's new kirtan album, Longing, is filled will deep soulfulness and sweet melodies. I highly recommend this album to nourish the Heart of all kirtan lovers!”
~ Govind Das, director, Bhakti Yoga Shala, and noted kirtan leader

“Your heart is always flowing with nurturing Love and Life, like a flower in full bloom. Please listen to Kailash. He will remind you of this fact.” 
~ Mark Whitwell, author, Yoga of Heart, and The Promise

"Beautiful! Powerful! Sacred! Our ancestors believed that sound set the universe into motion, and that the first sound remains as the elixir of life within us. From the first tone of his newest album, Longing, acclaimed chant master Kailash awakens our inner elixir to create a bridge between our heart and the divine! I love this album!”
~ Gregg Braden, NY Times best selling author of The Turning Point: Creating Resilience in a Time of Extremes


"Kailash is not only a talented author and teacher but an exhilarating musical gandharva. I watched him during the creative process as these sublime melodies seemed to spring effortlessly from the divine realms of his artistic palette. They are sure to enliven and uplift the devotional mood of everyone who listens to Longing."
~ Atmaram Chaitanya, noted kirtan leader

“The sound of Longing features unique heartfelt devotional chanting from a true teacher of this sacred art form.”
~ Jonathan Goldman, author of The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing


"I truly enjoy the vibration in Kailash's new album, Longing. His rich voice and deep dedication to the practice comes through in the recording. It is uplifting. I'm sure you will find it useful in your sadhana and casual listening pleasures.” 
Trevor Pritam Hari Singh Eller, noted kirtan leader 

"Kailash's new album is hypnotic and deep. The man has a deep knowledge of chanting and what's important and effective. There's not a lot of fluff on Longing--just deep rivers of chant.”
~ Blake Tedder, Radio host, Full Lotus Kirtan Show

Longing is a beautiful heartfelt album, earthy and divine. Kailash presents sacred mantras with such soul and devotion. His voice comes through with both gentleness and strength. Once again, Kailash has done a most excellent job at creating an uplifting and inspiring album of devotional songs. Longing provides an enjoyable musical journey of spirit and song to the listener and the chanter.”
~ Eluv, Radio host, Ultrasounds

"For a number of years now, I have been a fan of Kailash's music. Now, his latest album, Longing, has arrived. Here is simple music of devotion that is heartfelt and real. His choices of instruments and arrangements lend credence to the expression of longing in his voice. I am happy to play Longing on my radio show. It radiates the sound of a soul crying out in gratitude and love for the Beloved.”
~ Gary Goldberg, Radio host, In the Spirit


"Kailash’s new album, Longing, is simply mesmerizing. I've featured one of the tracks, “Jaya Sita Ram,” in the New World Kirtan “Fresh Tracks” podcast, as one of the best new Western kirtan releases.”
~ Kitzie Stern, host of the New World Kirtan podcast

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